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    Shooting Conditioning

    Warren Sunkett
    Warren Sunkett

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    Shooting Conditioning Empty Shooting Conditioning

    Post by Warren Sunkett on 4/23/2012, 10:39 am

    Drill “Balls to the Wall”

    Looking to challenge your hand speed and strength try “Balls to the Wall” a two basketball ball handling series designed to increase reaction time and ball handling strength by incorporating two basketballs and a wall.

    Using a wall for ball handling forces players to maintain tempo and increase strength while dribbling, while fighting the forces of gravity. The short distance traveled off the wall by the ball requires quick reaction time and will also improve your strength endurance by increasing the amount of reps in a short amount of time.

    In order to perform these drills at a high tempo you must master the athletic stance and various ball handling combinations and hand positions.

    Two basketballs are used in the drills to force the athletes to use both hands equally generating a rhythm and tempo. “A rock drummer who has great rhythm, uses all their limbs to create a beat, basketball is no different it takes a full body in rhythm to play this game, an inner beat”.

    Once mastered add movement or resistance to increase intensity

    Can be used as a warm-up or as a way to add recovery during intense training sessions.

    Two Balls Same Tempo
    Start in Athletic Stance
    With Both Elbows bent at 90 degrees
    Both Basketballs should hit the wall at same time

    Two Ball Alternating Tempo
    Start in Athletic Stance
    Keep ELbows at 90 degrees
    Start Dribble Alternating the basketballs off the wall

    One on the Wall one on the Floor
    Start by dribbling one ball off the wall
    Dribble 2nd ball of the floor
    Both Balls should be alternating
    Continue Tempo

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